"We take orders of producing with low prices and high quality mechanical details of all kinds by YOUR or our drawings and counts, for example, wind generators of any capacity from 1 kW    to 2,5MW, aerodynamic systems, turning devices and TOWERS for wind installations, right away in Vietnam, emailto: windeu@windeu.com" "Мы принимаем заказы на производство всех видов механических деталей по ВАШИМ или НАШИМ чертежам и расчетам, по низким ценам и с высоким качеством, например,   ветряных генераторов любой мощностью от 1 кВт до 2,5 МВт, аэродинамических систем, опорно-поворотных устройств и ВЫШЕК для установок, прямо во Вьетнаме, emailto: windeu@windeu.com 'Nhan gia cong may phat dien gio bat ky cong suat nao tu 1 kW den 2,5 MW, tru xoay va he thong dieu khien canh ngay tai Viet Nam, emailto: windeu@windeu.com'

Mail to us: windeu1@windeu.com


Websites developing and hosting.

Услуги программирования и хостинг Вебсайтов.

Dịch vụ viết websites và hosting.


1/Top issues:  

    Control system that allows the admin to change a deal daily.

    Electronic commerce & shopping cart.

    Registration & Login.

    Newsletter subscription.

    Logo Design marketing presence.

    Email campaign development.

    Main page content temporariry replaced to "lorum IPsum" as per  

      client's request, in which condition we were allowed to use it for demonstration.

    URL removed as per client request for confidentiality. (This is a big time client).



    Super professonal marketing presence.

    Content management system, allowing the owner to create and modify attraction packages.

    Content management system that allows owners to add a deal daily.



    Make blogs.

    Product Inventory.

    Order and contact Form.

    Content management system that allows the admin to change text and photos on all pages.

    Running photo gallery with photo WITH JQUERY EFFECTS.

    Contact & feedback forms.



    Control system for text, links, and audio, VIDEO.

- End -